Facebook Trending News for Mobile

Renovating a scattered, controversial experience into a delightfully cohesive product that unifies news consumption and perspectives

Earl Grey & Design - The Podcast

The weekly series hosted by Dennis Camacho and me, two best friends with a passion for all things design

2017 Facebook Trending News Algorithm

Updated algo to use a variety of signals to help prevent fake news, hoaxes or spam from appearing on Facebook. The updated system identifies groups of articles shared on Facebook instead of relying solely on mentions of a topic

Friends Who Design - The Show

The monthly series hosted by Dennis Camacho and me, two best friends with a passion for all things design

My Interview with Revision Path

Talked with Maurice Cherry about the ins and outs of interaction design, the news industry, and how growing up in different countries left its design imprint.

YouTube TV

TV Made For You

YouTube In-App Messaging

Bringing the Conversation Back to YouTube

Google Glass Concept

Enhancing Reality by Augmenting It a Bit


Plan Trips From Your Sofa in a Fun Way

The Forbidden UIs

I designed 28 noteworthy U.S. Government, Google, and Facebook UIs that aren't shown since they are confidential, pending release, or competitively sensitive

And I suppose there's my designs of the skeuomorphic days that I won't torture you with for civility sake  : D

How I Design

This is my design playbook. I typically do all 12 steps or assemble the best of these, catered to a particular project. I equivocate it to forming plays for an upcoming game... of UI thrones  ; )

1 Define the problem, vision and requirements
2 Take time to think / Perform UI competitive analysis
3 Journey map and/or other research insight method
4 Map out the navigation/content model
5 Conceptualize interactions / Review patterns
6 Form interaction model based on emotive hypotheses
7 Design visuals / Mind heuristics, semiotics & patterns
8 Create prototype / Mind HCI, behavior & physics
9 Do user testing then assemble findings and rationale
10 Present strategy and negotiate implementation plan
11 Implement specs w devs / Perfect, export & review
12 Do surveys, mine analytics, post ROI & improve UI
  • Think
  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Measure

My Mantra

If we want users to like our software, we should design it to behave like a likeable person
-  Alan Cooper    

See you around  : )