YouTube: Share Experience

  • Company / UX Team SizeGoogle / 3
  • Release Date / My Design SpanMay 2016 (Invite-Only Beta) / 10 months
  • Platforms Designed ForAndroid & iOS App
  • Project DemoAndroid, iOS (Mobile Invite Link to activate feature)

  • The mission was to make the process of sharing YouTube videos simpler. We reduced the steps required to share a YouTube video with friends.

I aimed to make the sharing experience more apparent, speedy and engaging

The Process
We started with vigorous research of the needs and how to address them. We took that into an introductory visioning sprint where we brainstormed, proposed concepts, and analyzed hundreds of prospective solutions. We came out of the sprint with a concise vision of the base product direction we wanted to proceed with. From there we began a weekly lean process of designing hypothesis solutions, prototyping them, testing them with selected panels of users, quantifying and analyzing the results and repeating the process every week with improvements and refinements based on what we learned the prior week.

While primarily doing the interaction design, strategic design, and coding prototypes, I also assisted in helping our researcher fine-tune the user tests, observing and analyzing the studies, forming the information architecture and designing the mocks, icons, and assets.
My UX Process