• Company / UX Team SizeGoogle / 1
  • DesignedDecember 2014
  • Platforms Designed ForAndroid & iOS App
  • Project DemoFeature Analysis

  • The vision to make an event app that allows friends to easily plan and coordinate group social events, like a night out to the movies or a game party.

My first thought was to make this experience like a bouncy personal assistant that guides you to the fun

Research / User Surveying & User Personas
I began brainstorming every user scenario I could think of (and polling friends) to determine what a person would request from their assistant in charge of delivering the fun.

The key personas were clearly the Planner and the Attendee. So, after determining the needs, I began sorting these into a workflow for each role. I also began identifying the real-world setbacks to planning an outing with others and came up with strategies to fix them.

Information Architecture / Content Models, Inventory & Card Sorting
I then began mapping that workflow into specific screens and features catered to each persona. Card sorted the feature hierarchies with stickies, laid out the navigation, and developed the taxonomy.

In this document, I laid out the content structure of the entire app and verified the modeling was in adherence to the material design guidelines for Android L. I marked which features would fall under subviews, and which views to align with other Google apps for design cohesion.

Interaction & Visual Design / Sketches, Models, Mockups, Assets & Prototype
I began sketching concepts for key screens (Home, Add & Detail View) and then I pixel pushed the key screens in material design style while creafting the interactions. Some of the features I conceived for effective event scheduling (like venue voting) turned out to be complex so I created an interaction model to ensure a 3-tap flow of simplicity. I put special attention towards human factors, Fitts’ Law, and emotive response.

The following highlights the app interactions...

This video describes the product design vision of Outings.