• Company / UX Team SizeGoogle / 1
  • Release DateApril 2013
  • Platforms Designed ForGoogle TV (now Android TV) App
  • Project DemogTrip Demo

  • gTrip is the ultimate travel experience app that allows users to explore travel deals, book flights, hotels, cars, activities, manage trip agendas, keep travel journals, create bucket lists, in addition to various other travel guide tools. My vision is to allow users to plan, book, and enjoy their trips from the comfort of their sofa with an invitingly elegant, enticing, and enjoyable Google TV app that also uses a companion mobile app for added detail and interactivity.

Plan. Book. Enjoy was my mantra for this app. The tough part was making the experience of planning a trip equal to or better on a TV than on a portable device. I realized that this didn't have to be a competition... the experience was better when mobile teamed up with TV

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This video describes the interactions of gTrip