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  • Company / UX Team SizeAutodesk / 1
  • Release Date / My Design SpanSeptember 2014 / 17 months
  • Platforms Designed ForWeb, Mobile &  Watch App
  • Project DemoLatest Version by John Angelo

  • The vision of the Screencast app is to give people an immersive way to learn via a new type of tutorial called "screencasts". This tutorial technology features an interactive timeline, developed in labs, that displays command data (buttons pressed, keystrokes, annotations, dialogs, etc) that others capture as learning content and reports via the Screencast Recorder. As the designer converting this R&D project to a new Autodesk product, I crafted a simple, enjoyable, and effective "YouTube of interactive tutorials".

As the designer converting this R&D project to a new Autodesk product, I crafted a simple, enjoyable, and effective 'YouTube of interactive tutorials'.

Research / Usability Tests, Heuristic Evals & Analytics Mining
3 methods I always start with are interviewing stakeholders, taking field trips to see target users, and writing user scenarios. Did thorough interviews with management on the high-level vision. Research environments of Autodesk customers to craft accurate user scenarios.

Information Architecture / Content Models, Inventory & Maps
Established a taxonomy centered around personable friendly phrasing. Used OptimalSort to card sort and poll users on which categories were most important to them and used that as my basis for focused publishing efficiency. Created content maps and screen inventories to analyze and organize both the recorder and video gallery.

Interaction Design / Sketches, Models, Wireframes & Prototypes
I do a ridiculously excessive amount of sketching. Sketched on dot grid pads, markerboards, post-its, stray papers, and pocket moleskines everywhere I go day-and-night. This has led to many Screencast discoveries. Repeatedly chronicled the paths that various personas could take towards recording, editing, publishing, and viewing screencasts. Brainstormed ways to shorten that path to help them quickly record and publish. Learned most people don’t publish their knowledge simply due to lack of time. Worked vigorously to fix that. Used interactive Axure wireframes and held validation walkthroughs with the team.
Viewer Wireframe Search Results Wireframe Early Concept Wires

Visual Design / Mockups, Assets & CSS
The major visual design effort is currently underway and I'm putting great emphasis on Umberto Eco’s semiotics theory, color theory, and Dieter Ram's principles of minimalism.
Gallery Prototype

This video describes the product design vision of Screencast from recorder to gallery app.
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