Art Director at Google &
Founding Designer of YouTube TV

My design philosophy centers around appealing to the heart, invoking emotional attachment and easy, enjoyable habits. Design is my work and pleasure

Specializes in product design, particularly interaction, visual, fashion, and industrial. My primary cynosure is using emotive psychology to ignite happy feelings. I zero in on journey mapped pain points to create clear heuristics, comprehensible semiotics, human factors, and polished aesthetics.

I have over 18 years of experience in UX. Studied design, information science, cultural anthropology, and international law/relations in the US, Japan and Italy at Georgetown University, Meio University, and American University of Rome.

Designing Epic Products

My core existentialist career goal is building epically enjoyable products that enhance the quality of lives. The industries I'm most interested in are neurological intelligence augmentation, brain-computer interactions, robotics, flying cars, self-driving vehicles, vehicle heads-up displays, IoT, augmented reality, mobile/wearable operating systems, news, education, messaging, watch experiences, life and goal maintenance, and fashion technology.

Aiding the Advancement of Communities

It's always been an honor for me to serve minority, female, and special needs communities. I'm partnering with like-minded organizations and leading my own initiatives to provide resources, mentoring, and methods of mass communication aimed at helping bring equality, educational and economic advancement to communities that need it the most.

Completing UI Book

I'm working very hard on finishing up my UI Book which focuses on the curriculum that I've developing for years of mentoring designers in the various principles and strategies of product design.

Competing on Olympic Games Archery Team

I'm a competitive archer and aiming to eventually make the USA Olympic Archery Team. This one is a stretch because of limited training time available and definitely a backburner goal, as the ones above it take far greater precedent.


Completed Projects. I strive to always enrich people's lives through high quality design.


Awards Won. I achieve this by creating an outstanding environment, offering brands and a superior customer journey.